Reprocessing of Barents Sea West – Prospect grid

22 August 2016

MCG is pleased to announce the completion of the Barents Sea West Reprocessed Prospect Grid.

The six MCG Barents Sea West surveys acquired from 2009 to 2013 have now been reprocessed and merged into a new modern contiguous and coherent 32,314 km dataset:

  • MCG0901 – 3,502 km
  • MCG1001 – 2,848 km
  • MCG1101 – 8,587 km
  • MCG1201 – 5,378 km
  • MCG1301 – 8,639 km
  • MCG1302 – 3,360 km

Processing company: PSS-Geo

Timing: September 2015 - August 2016 


Why reprocess the MCG Barents Sea West Grid?

  • 6 different surveys → merged into one contiguous and coherent dataset
    • Reprocessing with the same sequence will facilitate the interpretation from line to line and survey to survey
  • Deghosting – remove notches and reconstruct the original wavelet spectrum
    • Broader band – more high and low frequencies → better resolution in the shallow and the deep
  • No resampling – Double the bandwidth, 2ms Sample Interval throughout processing
    • Better resolution in the shallow
  • Debubble – low frequencies will remain
    • Improved debubble reduces the low frequency noise and low frequency coherent signal will remain
  • Better linear noise attenuation – “The curse of the Barents Sea”
    • Remaining noise in the zone of conversion of multiple energy from reflected to refracted is better attenuated ->  useful data up to 55 degrees
  • Improved Post-Stack processing
    • Better denoise pre-stack → less post stack smoothing needed to highlight weak reflectors

Please contact us for more information

Lars Ivar Leivestad                                                     Tor Åkermoen