The Norwegian SuperMerge

09 February 2021

Geoex MCG is pleased to announce that we have entered into a marketing agreement with SXICOM for the Norwegian SuperMerge!

The SuperMerge consists of matched and merged continuous 2D and 3D seismic datasets, and check shot correlated velocities, put together by high-profile industry experts with extensive experience of the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

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APA Campaign

Area of Interest (AOI) delivery

The highly experienced SuperMerge team is happy to offer ready to go data in any area of interest, down to one block size. You can pick and choose from our list of products.

Value points:

  • The original seismic data (2D/3D PostStackTM) are the best available in the high data density zones and each chosen volume was re-gridded, time-shifted and phase adjusted to the reference best quality survey of the area to create a uniform output regional volume. All taper zones were deleted and only the best data in overlap zones was kept (with a small overlap).
  • The final product is a new unique SuperMerge where 3D volumes and 2D surveys are perfectly matched (no mis-ties) and harmonized (amplitude, time and phase shift) for the best coverage.
  • Regularly updates in all three areas on the NCS
  • Delivery of the seismic data in segy within days
  • List of available products:
    • 2D and 3D seismic data
    • Stacking velocity data set calibrated with the check shot data
    • QC-ed Check shot data
  • Price at nominal cost