Tobago Trough MC2D

07 September 2018

MCG is pleased to announce the Tobago Trough MC2D survey.

The 16,192 km survey has now commenced and will be targeting this highly prospective and underexplored basin along the Southeastern Caribbean and Western Atlantic margin of Northeast South America. 

High quality pre stack time, pre stack depth, gravity and magnetic data will be made available upon completion.


Survey Design

The Tobago Trough Survey is designed in two grids.  The Regional Grid is designed to assist oil companies to better understand the regional tectonic framework of the various basins along the Southeastern Caribbean and Western Atlantic margin of Northeast South America. The Detailed Grid, off Trinidad and Grenada, is to provide more detail, tying the producing areas to the underexplored deeper part of the Tobago Trough.  The Tobago Trough is an underexplored area flanked by oil and gas production to the East and South in Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago and recently, with a new gas discovery offshore Grenada.  Based on seismic interpretation of the 2013 MCG 2D survey in Barbados, a thick sedimentary succession can be observed in the Tobago Trough.  The presence of a mature La Luna oil prone source rock in the Trough seem likely.

Tobago Trough Survey will tie the Sandy Lane well in Barbados in addition to the Orchid and Hibiscus or some deeper wells in Trinidad and Tobago. Data will be processed in both time and depth, utilizing the latest broadband technology. Gravity and Magnetic data will also be acquired with the survey and is included in the license fee.

The Tobago Trough Survey is to be acquired in two parts, the Regional Grid and the Detailed Grid.  Acquisition of the regional grid started on the 16th July and covering, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada and St. Vincent. (Some changes to the program in St. Vincent grid are possible).  For the regional grid a 37.5 meter shotpoint interval and Continuous recording 18 second record length will be used.  The Detailed Grid will be acquired using the same parameters as the Regional Grid and will cover Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada.  The surveys will form a part of upcoming License rounds in the region.