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AAPG 2015

MCG Data for APA 2015

MultiClient Geophysical (MCG) is pleased to announce our data available for the APA 2015.

Notice From The Nomination Committee

The deadline for proposals submission for candidates for the Board of Directors and Nomination Committee is set on 20th April 2015.

MCG data available for the 2015 Barbados Offshore Licensing Campaign

MCG acquired in 2012 and 2013, in cooperation with the Government of Barbados, 6 837 km of modern long-offset MC2D seismic data, gravity data and magnetic data in the most prolific parts of the Barbados Offshore License Area.

MCG MC2D data for the 23rd Round in Norway

MCG is pleased to announce multi-client 2D (MC2D) data available for the Norwegian 23 Concession Round announced January 20, 2015.

Africa Oil & Gas 2015 Special Report Interview

Nicaragua Pacific exploration agreements

Geoex and Statoil have signed oil exploration agreements with Nicaraguan state-owned fuel-distribution company DNP-Petronic.