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Barbados MC2D Phase 1 completed

MCG is pleased to announced that Phase 1 of our Barbados MC2D is now processed and available to E&P companies which want to evaluate this very exciting, under-explored area.

Cooperation between EMGS and MCG - Integrated EM and seismic study

EMGS and MCG are pleased to announce a unique, integrated study of 2D seismic and 3D EM for the upcoming 22. Round. We have interpreted prospective areas based on the dense 2x4 km MC2D grid from MCG’ modern dataset. The interpretation of the seismic has been used to build a background model for the 3D anisotropic inversion of the available 3D EM data...

MCG has commenced Nordland III extension, MC2D-MCG1202

MCG started the aqcuisition of the Nordland III Extension MC2D-MCG1202 survey July 16 in the Norwegian Sea. This 1500 km, high density, long offset survey is an extension to our MC2D-MCG1002 Træna/Nordland III survey and covers the Nordland Ridge towards the Helgeland Basin. A denser line spacing is acuired within the PL 651 Production License in order...

Fingerdjupet, MCG1201, in the Barents Sea is now available

MCG is pleased to announce that we have now the full MC2D-MCG1201 Fingerdjupet/Loppa Fault Complex survey completed through processing with PSS-Geo and available for licensing to the oil companies.

Acquisition in Fingerdjupet, Barents Sea, well underway

MCG is pleased to announce that we are well underway with our MCG1201 Fingerdjupet MC2D acquisition in the Barents Sea. Geolog Nalivkin from MAGE will acquire the 5,500 km survey with a 8,100 m solid streamer.

MCG data in the Barents Sea

An overview of MCG's data in the Barents Sea in relation to the blocks out for public hearing for the 22nd licensing round on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

MCG completes acquisition of Bjørnøya Basin West MC2D October 30

MCG is pleased to announced we have completed the MC2D-MCG1101, Bjørnøya Basin West survey October 30, 2011.