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Quad 35 Hybrid MC3D

Geoex MCG and Seismic Partner are truly proud to announce that the world's first ever Ultra High Density (UHD) multi-client 3D hybrid seismic acquisition within Quadrant 35 in the North Sea has successfully completed!Historically, the seismic node and streamer industry have been working on separate fronts to better improve their solutions, while competing...

Seismic Acquisition Reinvented - Quad 35 Hybrid MC3D

Exclusive: US$1,000 Nigeria Well Data Package Now Available

Data package for 59 wells is now available for only US$1,000 (reproduction cost) to prequalified bidders of the 2020 Marginal Fields Bid Round.

Nigeria Marginal Fields Bid Round 2020

Bilview and Geoex are making available to the industry a set of affordable, workstation-ready well logs, correlative information (deviation, tops, reports, lithology, bio, chronostratigraphy, etc.), and on-demand log suites.

The 2019 Norwegian Sea Regional Deep Imaging (RDI19) data is ready

MCG & Geoex are pleased to announce the processing of the Regional Deep Imaging (RDI) data acquired throughout 2019 in the Norwegian sea has been completed and finalized.

Nicaragua Caribbean: Pilot 2D and reconditioned fast-track 3D data is ready

Geoex & MCG are pleased to present the multi-client 2D and 3D project in the prospective and underexplored area of the Nicaragua Caribbean margin. 2D PSTM reprocessed pilot data and 4,900 km2 of reconditioned fast-track 3D data are available. Complete PSTM & PSDM reprocessing will be available upon request. New 2D data acquisition will commence subject...

Maximus Survey: Opportunities in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

MCG and Geoex are pleased to present the enhanced Maximus project in the March issue of GEOExPro.