Acquisition in Fingerdjupet, Barents Sea, well underway

11 August 2012

The MCG1201 Fingerdjupet MC2D covers numerous Jurassic fault blocks north of the Skrugard trend. Old, released seismic data in this area has been heavely hampered by multiples and noise from the hard seafloor. PSS-Geo has developed a special processing knowledge in this area, which is proven in our MCG1101 Bjørnøya Basin West MC2D, which will be applied on this new data as well.

Within the core of the survey the grid spacing will be 2km x 4km in order to get full control of the faulting and structures of the prospective blocks. The northern 2,500 km is considered a priority area and the data has already been delivered to PSS-Geo in Oslo for the full, completed processing to be done by June 2012. The remaining part will be completed no later than mid August 2012.

The southern part of the survey covers Triassic stratigraphic leads onto the the Loppa High, as well as infilling the northern part of the MCG0901 Bjørnøya Basin East MC2D. This infill results in a 2km x 4km grid in the very prospective terraces just north of Skrugard/Havis. The northern part og MCG0901 has already been reprocessed by the new PSS-Geo approach.

MCG1201 Fingerdjupet/Loppa Fault MC2D (PDF)