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The Norwegian SuperMerge

Analyse the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) with our integrated and ‘Ready-to-go’ 2D and 3D seismic data, and check shot correlated velocities, put together by high-profile industry experts with extensive experience in the NCS.

Venezuela’s MINPET and Geoex MCG Sign New Contract

CARACAS, Venezuela (March 15, 2024) – Geoex MCG Ltd (the “Company”), a global subsurface data provider, today announced the signature of contract for Multi-Client Seismic Project offshore Venezuela with The People’s Ministry of Petroleum (“Ministry” or the “MINPET”). The company is now looking for partners, with early participants given the opportunity...

Quad 35 Hybrid MC3Ds: Innovative multi-parameter FWI for near field exploration

Utilising all hybrid acquired waveforms in a revolutionary MP-FWI processing approach

Amazing details revealed with the Quad 35 North Hybrid MC3D Pilot Data!

Amazing details revealed in the shallow section from a pilot processing area in the Gjøa licenses with the Quad 35 North Hybrid MC3D! The results were achieved by applying Multi-Parameter FWI processing up to 40 Hz, in partnership with DUG and Seismic Partner.

Our Latest Research Paper "Structural Observations of the Northern North Sea: Insights into Rift Failure Dynamics" is Now Available

This collaborative effort between The Geological Survey of Norway and Geoex MCG reveals game-changing insights into rifted margins and their significance for energy exploration.

Unlock the 2023 Trinidad & Tobago Shallow Water Competitive Bid Round with the most modern seismic data in the Caribbean

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) recently announced a new offering of blocks offshore T&T in the shallow water acreage via Competitive Bidding. The CAMDI seismic survey is strategically positioned to support your geological study, with its seismic data intersecting four northern blocks in this bid round.

The Commencement of Lebanon Multi-Client 3D Survey in Block 8

Geoex MCG and Brightskies Geoscience, under the authority of Lebanon’s Ministry of Energy and Water, are pleased to announce the commencement of a multi-client 3D seismic survey in Lebanon’s Block 8.