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CCUS GoM Data Now Available

CCUS GoM is an extensive (31,197 km2) subsurface study identifying Carbon Storage capacity and risks of key prospects in protraction areas of the US Gulf of Mexico. 

New Oil Discoveries in Mexico – Leverage the Maximus Dataset

On 17 March 2023, Eni and their partners Carpicorn Energy and Citla Energy announced the discovery of oil and natural gas in the Yatzil-1 well. With a hub development strategy likely to be the best solution, the opportunities for offshore Mexico may be opening wider than before. The Geoex MCG Mexico Maximus dataset is perfectly positioned to help with...

Join us at the CCUS GoM Webinar

Legacy Data. Powered by Machine Learning. We are thrilled to invite you to a one-of-a-kind webinar that will delve deep into the world of carbon storage in the US Gulf of Mexico. 

Presenting the CCUS GoM Machine Learning Project

This extensive AOI study is focused offshore Texas, encompassing a total area of 31,197 km2, utilizing 8x 3D coupled with 3x 2D data volumes, and incorporating up to 4,137 wells. Products are available from Q1 2023.

The Most Advanced Datasets Offshore Barbados and T&T

Geoex MCG and Z-Terra are pleased to present the CAMDI and Barbados data in this month's issue of GEO ExPro magazine.

Kickstarting the Mozambique MC3D Seismic Survey

We are pleased to announce that Geoex MCG, under a multi-client contract with INP Moçambique, has initiated the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Mozambique Multi-Client 3D Survey. The data acquisition is scheduled to start in Q2 2023, with data available for Licensing Round #6.

Quad 35 North Hybrid MC3D survey has now commenced!

This year's survey is a continuation of the Quad35 Hybrid MC3D survey acquired in 2020, which was the world’s first combined MC3D Ultra High Density (UHD) streamer and node survey acquired simultaneously.