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Regional Deep Imaging 2019 Campaign

MCG & Geoex are pleased to announce that the Regional Deep Imaging 2019 Campaign (RDI19) has commenced. The 2019 program will consist of 7,000 km MC2D deep imaging data in the Norwegian Sea and the Northern North Sea.

The Regional Deep Imaging Campaign

Morocco Atlantic Offshore: New Data, New Insights.

Geoex acquired 8,474 km of high-resolution 2D seismic data in the 2018 Morocco Atlantic Margin Well Tie MC2D Survey.

APA2019 Nordkapp Basin Reprocessing

MCG is pleased to present the Nordkapp Basin Reprocessing Project, covering the newly announced eastern extension of the APA area in the Barents Sea.

Nicaragua Opportunities

Discover new and exclusive opportunities offshore Nicaragua with the Geoex & MCG regional data coverage.

Equatorial Guinea’s Distal Hydrocarbon Systems

Geoex's multi-client 3D surveys, covering approximately 7,900 km2, have identified a large number of new prospects offshore Equatorial Guinea. 

EG Ronda 2019

Explore multiple 3D data volumes designed to map the distal hydrocarbon systems in this highly prospective West African region.