We are Geoex MCG.

29 April 2021

Geoex MCG Logo

Geoex and MultiClient Geophysical (MCG) are now Geoex MCG. The primary reason for this name change is to unify our brands into a single entity, following a cross-border company merger.

We will continue to provide the oil and gas industry with high-quality subsurface data and services, with more streamlined and efficient internal operations. We intend to positively reflect these improvements back to you.

How does this name change affect you as a client or partner?

Moving forward our team will communicate with you via email account ending with @geoexmcg.com. It is advisable to add this new domain to your safe senders list. Our websites www.geoexltd.com and www.mcg.no are transitioning to the www.geoexmcg.com domain. Communication from Geoex MCG will gradually reflect the new company name, logo and visual elements as our brand rollout takes place throughout 2021.

Has your company name/legal entity name changed?

Yes, our companies Geoex and MultiClient Geophysical undertook a cross-border merger in 2020 to become a single entity. Following this, the company changed its legal name to Geoex MCG Ltd. Our offices remain in Epsom, Asker and Houston. All the contractual rights and obligations issued previously with Geoex or MCG companies remain valid, and our corporate team have already reached out to those contacts which require any updates.

Will this change have an impact on your services?

Our data library and services remain unchanged. We offer a global portfolio of geological and geophysical data spanning Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Caribbean. Our coverage focuses on multi-client 2D, 3D and hybrid surveys, reprocessing, and data brokerage. Read more about Geoex MCG.

Please contact us for additional questions.