Company Profile

Geoex MCG is a global subsurface data provider, providing high-quality geophysical products and services to the energy industry.

Asset light business model and core values


Our asset-light business model means we do not own or maintain seismic vessels and other physical equipment. We handpick our contractors based on each project’s ideal parameters. This allows us to undertake only those projects which meet or exceed our technical and commercial criteria. We leverage this approach to thrive in an ever-evolving energy industry and are capable of readily pivoting towards new opportunities.

We work closely with our clients in varied energy landscapes and project scenarios, and design for outcomes that match their requirements and budgets. We are maintaining this agile business model for flexible advancement towards new energies in decades to come.


The world needs safe, reliable, and sustainable energy sources now more than ever before. And the journey to carbon neutrality calls for a continuous and rapid technological innovation in all sectors. Experts in our R&D, geoscience and commercial teams are turning these challenges into smart solutions. Our priority is to develop value-driven products and services to support our customers in their decision-making process. To achieve this, we invest in real-world technological and commercial advancement of operations and business at large.

Our track record includes the introduction of novel exploration methods via our partners, such as the world’s first hybrid UHD streamer and node survey (acquired simultaneously). With pioneers of the multi-client and asset-light business models on the Board of Directors, we have the expertise to utilise innovation as the driving force in all we do.


The energy transition will require a complex set of global actions and a diverse energy mix to ensure energy security and sustainability. Our asset-light and multi-client business models are designed to keeping the operations lean and efficient. This approach utilises economies of scale, minimising the overall environmental impact, exploration risks and costs for individual stakeholders who license our data.

We leverage existing and acquired skillsets to expand to new frontiers and provide readily applicable intelligence, high-quality products, and sought-after services. We believe that geoscientific knowledge is the solution to a successful energy transition.

We are committed to supporting all facets of the energy market needs, from hydrocarbons in the short-term, to renewable resources in decades to come.

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