Barbados MC2D Phase 1 completed

30 December 2012

MCG has acquired and processed 4,000 km utilizing the deep information that 10,000m streamer provides. The record length is 13 s TWT which gives an unique image of the deep structures and the very thick sedimentary fore-arc basins.

The Osprey Explorer (Seabird) acquired the data while CGGVeritas processed this high quality dataset.

Numerous structural closures and seismic amplitudes have been mapped in the Phase 1 dataset. Oil and gas dicoveries exist south of the area, in Trinidad Tobago, and oil producing wells can be seen onshore Barbados.

Phase 2 of the MC2D survey will commence in Q1 2013 and consists of 3,000 km which will bring the total survey up to 7,000 km. For further information contact Tom.Wolden ( or Tor Ã…kermoen (

Announcement Barbados January 2013 (PDF)