Better image of Skrugard North Fault Trend

01 May 2011

Since the discovery of the giant Skrugard was made early in 2011 a lot of focus for similar traps has been generated. MCG covered the Bjørnøyrenna Fault Complex and eastern part of the Bjørnøya Basin with high quality, long offset, multi client 2D data already in 2009 and tied the Skrugard location in 2010.

To further exploit the quality of the data, MCG has reprocessed a 1,800 km subset of the northern part of the MC2D-MCG0901 survey to provide the industry with high quality, prospect-oriented 2D data available now for licensing before the nominations for the 22. Norwegian Concession Round.

MC2D-MCG0901 Reproc Skrugard North Fault Trend (PDF)