MCG completes acquisition of Bjørnøya Basin West MC2D October 30

31 October 2011

This modern, 10 km streamer 2D survey, was successfully completed by GSS Atlantic with a total of 8,245 km acquired. The survey took somewhat longer than anticipated due to heavy seismic activity in the area.

After this acquisition MCG has now approximately 15,000 km of modern, longoffset 2D data in a consistent 4 x 4 km grid west of the successful Skrugard discovery. 6,500 km of this is already available to the industry, MC2D-MCG0901/MCG1001.

MC2D-MCG1101 will be processed by PSS-Geo and be available to oil companies in March 2012, ahead of the announcement of the 22. Concession Round in Norway.

MC2D-MCG1101 Bjørnøya Basin West (PDF)