Quad 35 Hybrid MC3D - Superior Data Quality

13 September 2021

Geoex MCG, Seismic Partner, and the clients that already have seen the data are very pleased with the data quality of the Quad 35 Hybrid MC3D survey.

Seismic interpreters from GeoProvider who worked the data were also excited, calling it the best 3D data in the North Sea, sharp, precise and crystal clear. They were especially impressed with how the autotracker improved with the increased density of the data, the complete lack of an acquisition footprint and the clarity of the near offset stack.
Please get in touch with Tor Åkermoen or Kristen Berli for more information and data review.

The Quad 35 Hybrid MC3D survey is the world’s first combined MC3D Ultra High Density (UHD) streamer and node survey acquired simultaneously.