The Regional Deep Imaging Project

05 June 2019

MCG is pleased to present the Regional Deep Imaging Project, consisting of long offset regional 2D seismic lines covering the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. 

In 2018, MCG acquired 2,127 kms in the Barents Sea and in the North Sea (RDI18). The RDI Project continued in 2019 where 5,564 kms were acquired in the Norwegian Sea (RDI19). The RDI18 and RDI19 data are ready for licensing.

The RDI Project continued in 2021 (RDI21) with acquisition of 8,566 km in the North Sea (Norway, UK, Denmark and the Faroe Islands). The RDI21 data will be ready in Q2 2022.

Project Objectives:

Acquire a unique data set

  • New broadband seismic acquisition and processing with longer offsets and record length, unlike existing data
  • Extreme long seismic lines (100 – 1,200 km)
  • Cross border lines (Norway, UK, Faroe and Denmark)

Image deeper parts of the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and North Sea

  • Long-offset profiles that image large scale, deep seated, crustal structures beneath the Norwegian Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and North Sea

 Better understand the tectonic setting

  • Possible to interpret large scale tectonics, Moho and basin geometry
  • Seismic lines will link released wells to validate new seismic interpretations


  • The processing is headed by the Main Survey Sponsor in collaboration with MCG
  • DownUnder Geosolutions’ (DUG) center in London will undertake the processing
  • The processing sequence is designed to meet the requirements from the various survey areas

Expected results:

  • Improve the regional, geological understanding of the area with increased seismic imaging and coverage
  • Establish an updated, modern, basic sequence stratigraphy model based on the results of all the wells in the area
  • Combine previous work done on gravity & magnetic modelling with new seismic interpretation
  • Update deeper interpretation of existing seismic to fully understand the tectonic and depositional history of a basin
  • Define areas of potential new play types

For more information about the RDI project, please see the GEO fold-out article from the September 2019 issue of the GEO Magazine and the GEO ExPro fold-out article from the December 2020 issue. 

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