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MC2D PSTM reprocessing in the Roebuck Basin, Australian 2010 Acreage Release blocks

MCG, in cooperation with CGGVeritas, is currently reprocessing 13,143 km of dense 2D seismic data in the Roebuck Basin on the North Western Shelf of Australia for the ongoing 2010 Acreage Release (AR2010). The 2D seismic data covers 3 blocks within the Rowley Sub-Basin which were announced in May 2010. The application deadline for these blocks is May...

MCG completes acquisition of MC2D in Træna / Nordland III

SMNG's 2D seismic vessel Akademik Shatskiy successfully finished the MC2D-MCG1002 in the Træna / Nordland III area on June 14 and headed for demobilisation in the Netherlands. Despite challenging time sharing, Shatskiy was able to aqcuire 3,379 km og long offset 2D data in a safe and efficient manner.

18 announced 21st Round blocks in Norway covered by MCG

MCG is pleased to announced we are covering 14 announced blocks for the Norwegian 21st Round by our two long offset multi client 2D surveys , MC2D-MCG0901 and MC2D-MCG1001 in the eastern Bjørnøya Basin, the western Barents Sea. Altogether 6,378 km 2D. The MC2D MCG0901 is available for the oil companies now, while the MC2D-MCG1001 will be available end...

John Whitcomb to join MCG

MCG is very pleased to announce that Mr. John Whitcomb will join MCG as of June 1, 2010 as Managing Director for MCG Pte. Ltd. in Singapore and Vice President Asia Pacific for MCG AS.

MCG acquires a new MC2D in Træna Basin / Nordland III area

On the 2nd of May SMNG's 2D vessel Akademik Shatskiy mobilised for our MC2D-MCG1002 in the Træna Basin / Nordland III area west of Sandnessjøen. The programme is 3,380 km and is expected to be finished mid June. The survey covers nominated blocks for the 21st Round as well as APA2010 blocks open blocks and held acreage.

Acquisition of Bjørnøya Basin East Extension completed

Seabird's 2D vessel Munin Explorer completed acquisition of 2,866 km, the MC2D-MCG1001, on the 24th of May 2010. This year's acquisition in the Bjørnøya Basin was a southward extension to last year's programme, MC2D-MCG0901 (3,512 km). Hence, MCG now has a contineous 2D dataset of 6, 378 km in this highly interesting part of the Bjørnøya Basin for the...

MCG continues acquisition in the Bjørnøya Basin area

MCG is pleased to announce that we mobilized the Seabird seismic vessel MuninExplorer in Tromsø April the 5th to commence on a southernly extension to last year MC2D-MCG0901 survey. The MC2D-MCG1001 survey will cover blocks which were nominated by oil companies for the 21st Concession Round in Norway as well as blocks which is currently out for public...